4 reasons to shop at Target on Black Friday

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You might want to make a stop at Target a priority on the biggest shopping day of the year.

Key points

  • Many stores offer deals on Black Friday.
  • If you shop at Target, you’ll enjoy a wide range of discounts, a flexible return policy, and price matching, among other benefits.

Some people look forward to Black Friday as much as Thanksgiving. And if you’ve dutifully poured money into your savings account to buy a storm on Black Friday, you might be counting the minutes until those deals start rolling in.

Now, there are a host of retailers who will no doubt be offering their share of Black Friday discounts. Costco, for example, typically offers a host of Black Friday deals, as do department stores and online giants like Amazon. But you might want to do your Black Friday shopping at none other than Target this year. Here’s why.

1. You will benefit from a multitude of offers

Because Target has such a wide range of products, you’re likely to find Black Friday deals on at least some things you need or want. Plus, if you’re confused about what gifts to give your loved ones, a simple walk through your local Target might inspire you.

2. You can shop in-store or online

Some people can’t handle the crowds that tend to emerge when Black Friday kicks off. Others might just prefer not to rush to the store the day after Thanksgiving. While Target has plenty of in-store deals on Black Friday, it tends to have its fair share of deals online as well. So you can stock up on holiday shopping without having to change your pajamas.

3. You won’t end up with a bad price

You’ll often find the best deals of the year on Black Friday, but not always. And if you’re shopping at Target, that doesn’t have to be a stress point.

Any purchase you make at Target between today and December 24 is eligible for a price match. So suppose you buy a given item at Target during its Black Friday sale for $39.99, then a week later its price drops to $29.99. All you have to do is provide proof of that purchase (like your receipt), and Target will match that lower price.

Even better, Target will even match some competitors’ prices on the items it carries. So if you buy something at Target on Black Friday for $39.99 and see it elsewhere for $29.99, you might still be able to get a refund for the difference.

4. You will enjoy a generous return window

Target will allow you to return most unopened items for a refund as long as you do so within 90 days. This gives you plenty of time to make up your mind on your Black Friday shopping – and it also helps take the pressure off.

There are plenty of stores that will be happy to take your money on Black Friday. But making Target your priority shopping destination that day (whether in person or online) could really work to your advantage. That’s not to say Target should be the only place yourself shopping on Black Friday. But you should seriously consider making it the first step on your list.

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