DNC faces roadblock in Georgia ahead of 2024 presidential primaries

Election officials in Georgia are resisting moves by the Democratic National Committee to move their state into the 2024 primary window, complicating President Biden’s carefully calibrated plans to revamp his party’s nominating schedule.

why is it important: Democratic leaders have pledged to add Georgia to the top five voting states as a nod to voters of color and the crucial role it has played for them in recent cycles.

  • But Georgia election officials say there are no dice to split the primaries, with Republicans in Georgia unable to move their primary until March 1.
  • “Our legal team has consistently stated that both parties’ primaries must be held on the same day and must not cost anyone any delegates,” Georgia Assistant Secretary of State Jordan Fuchs told Axios.

Enlarge: Democrats recognize the uphill battle to give Peach State a primary spot sooner, but they think it’s “a window worth fighting for,” said DNC member Minyon Moore. Georgia and longtime political operative.

  • Biden overthrew the state in 2020 after former President Trump won hands down in 2016.
  • The Georgians won a pair of crucial victories over the Democrats when the senses. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff won the 2021 election.

Zoom out: Most states will not have the same challenges as Georgia.

  • Michigan will have an easier road to up its primary. Democrats control state government, and Republicans in Michigan agree with the decision.
  • Nevada also requires state law for schedule changes.
  • The chairman of the South Carolina State Democratic Party oversees and approves any changes to the primary schedule.

🥊 The next fight: Iowa Democrats are threatening to meet early even if the schedule changes, reports Linh Ta, co-author of Axios Des Moines.

  • The DNC could punish Iowa by withdrawing delegates, but the attention the state would get by continuing to woo candidates could be worth more to it.

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