SUP7R 7on7 Announces Achieve as Financial Literacy Partner

Leader in digital personal finance to provide financial literacy and education to more than 2,000 of the nation’s most recruited high school football players SAN MATEO, Calif., December 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Reachthe leader in digital personal finance, announces that it has been named Financial Literacy Partner for the SUP7R 7on7 National Championship. SUP7R 7on7 … Read more

I’m 56 and plan to retire at 62. I will have both public pensions and social security – but I also have a child starting college that I want to pay for. Do I need professional help?

Getty Images/iStockphoto Question: I’m 56 and work for a state university, so I will have a state retirement plan. Previously, I worked full time and contributed to social security for 20 years. I still work part-time and contribute to social security. I plan to retire in six years when I turn 62, and recently started … Read more

NBA star James Harden lends support to financial literacy

James Harden of the Philadelphia 76ers looks for a pass against the Toronto Raptors in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference First Round on April 25, 2022. Tim Nwachukwu | Getty Images For NBA player James Harden, building financial literacy in young adults is personal. Harden, a point guard and shooter who recently signed a … Read more

This Brilliant Idea Can Make Everyone Better With Money, Older Americans Say

Polls consistently show that older Americans regret a lot of things — working too much, choosing the wrong partner, not taking care of their health, and so on. There are also often financial regrets, such as not having saved enough and investing too little for retirement. This last regret has many reasons: everything from the … Read more

Supreme Court takes on Biden’s student loan plan

Student loan holders participate in a protest outside the White House staff entrance to demand that President Biden forgive student loan debt. Countess Jemal | Getty Images Entertainment | Getty Images The fate of the Biden administration’s sweeping student loan forgiveness plan now rests with the Supreme Court. This may be bad news for borrowers, … Read more