The Fed Can’t Stop Raising Interest Rates Because of These 4 Factors

CNBC’s Jim Cramer listed four reasons why the Federal Reserve can’t stop tightening the economy just yet. Not enough people are re-entering the labor market. This makes it harder for the Fed to eradicate wage inflation. There is a gap between job offers and job seekers. While many engineers are needed to implement the measures … Read more

4 key year-end metrics to “control your tax filing destiny”

seksan mongkhonkhamsao | time | Getty Images 1. Boost your 401(k) contributions If you haven’t maxed out your 401(k) at work, there may still be time to increase your contributions for 2022, Guarino said. The move may reduce your adjusted gross income while boosting your retirement savings, but “time is running out,” he said. With … Read more