‘Goblin Mode’ is Oxford University Press’s 2022 Word of the Year

CNN — As you read this, look around you. Are you still in bed? Are there piles of clothes and take-out boxes strewn on the floor? Do you have potato chip crumbs on your sheets? Have you broken your self-care routine more times than you can count? You don’t even care? If so, you may … Read more

What to do about student debt

A turning point depends on more than Biden’s relief package. One of the hottest topics in personal finance right now is the prospect of student loan forgiveness. The proposed Biden plan would wipe out up to $20,000 in federal loans for some borrowers earning less than $125,000 a year or $250,000 for spouses. It could … Read more

Sale revives floating offshore wind power in US waters

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Tuesday marks the first-ever U.S. auction of leases to develop commercial-scale, floating wind farms in deep waters off the West Coast. The live online auction for the five leases – three off California’s central coast and two off its northern coast – has generated strong interest, and 43 companies from around … Read more

Some Meta employees claim they are not receiving promised severance pay

England’s Anwar Almojarkesh (L) and Alan Chalabi (R) pose for a photo at Meta (formerly Facebook) headquarters in Menlo Park, California on November 9, 2022. Josh Edelson | AFP | Getty Images A group of Meta workers who joined the company through an on-the-job training program say they receive lower severance packages than other recently … Read more

People who are still afraid of catching COVID-19 are costing the US economy billions of dollars and my stepfather has dementia, and his sister is bullying him for money. How can I protect it?

Hi, MarketWatchers. Don’t miss these top stories. People who are still afraid of catching COVID-19 are costing the US economy billions of dollars The participation rate fell for the third consecutive month in November. Read more “Gaslighters have two signature moves: Are you gaslighted at work? How to recognize the signs. People who lie, steal, … Read more

ChatGPT: this AI chatbot dominates social media with its frighteningly good tests

CNN — Imagine if Siri could write you a college essay, or if Alexa could spit out a Shakespeare-style movie review. Last week, OpenAI opened up access to ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot that interacts with users in a strangely compelling and conversational way. His ability to providing long, thoughtful, and thorough answers to questions and … Read more

Winklevoss Twins Owe Crypto Broker $900M As FTX Contagion Spreads

The crypto exchange owned by the Winklevoss twins is trying to recover $900 million from a cash-strapped crypto broker that was gutted following the collapse of FTX, according to a report. New York-based Gemini – which Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss launched after settling their famous beef with former Harvard classmate Mark Zuckerberg over who founded … Read more