This Costco find costs $37,000

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You have indeed read correctly.

Key points

  • Costco is known for its affordable prices.
  • A specific item he is carrying is financially beyond the reach of the average consumer.
  • Costco sells a single malt Scotch that costs $37,000.

Most people associate Costco with ultra-low prices on common household and food items, from cleaning products and bath products to dairy and produce. In fact, many Costco shoppers find that the membership fees they pay for warehouse club access more than make up for themselves when they factor in savings on household essentials.

But while Costco is known for its competitive and affordable pricing, that doesn’t mean the warehouse club giant won’t occasionally deviate from that business model. In fact, Costco actually sells a bottle of whiskey that is priced the opposite of affordable.

A bottle of liquor that costs more than a car

If you had $37,000 spare in your savings account, chances are you’d spend it on something like a major home renovation or even a new car. You probably wouldn’t take that money and use it to buy a single bottle of liquor, would you?

You might be thinking, “Where the hell are you going to get a bottle of liquor for $37,000? But the surprising answer is none other than Costco.

The warehouse club giant is stocking a 54-year-old Singleton single malt scotch with a price tag of $37,000 for a 750ml bottle. If you think it’s just wonky, well, you’re probably in good company.

A buy out of reach for most

Although Costco is known for its low prices, the reality is that it offers a range of products that may be financially out of reach for many consumers. For example, some of its electronic offerings are around the $2,000 mark.

Of course, a $2,000 television or laptop is a far cry from a $37,000 bottle of liquor. And the aforementioned bottle of whiskey is clearly not intended for purchase by the average consumer. However, it’s not entirely shocking to see it appear on a Costco shelf.

Costco hasn’t forgotten its roots

You might be shocked to learn that Costco has $37,000 worth of whiskey available for purchase. But to be clear, the warehouse club giant is still committed to affordable prices. So don’t start worrying that Costco is secretly changing its business model to appeal to wealthy consumers with plenty of cash to spend.

In fact, it will be interesting to see if Costco is able to find takers for its $37,000 whiskey offer. There are definitely people who have enough money to make a purchase like this. And if you’re a rich person who’s also a whiskey lover, it’s conceivable that you could afford a $37,000 bottle.

The big question, however, is whether high-end whiskey enthusiasts will consider turning to Costco as a source for this product. If they find out, chances are it’s via a viral post rather than a chance encounter on a budget shopping trip. Then again, if you’re going to splurge on a $37,000 bottle of whiskey, you might as well save some laundry detergent and paper towels along the way.

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