We are launching a column on personal finance. Send us your questions!

Hi, I’m Venessa and I write about money and class here at BuzzFeed News. You may have seen some of my stories on consumer credit issues like housing affordability or student loans. As our economy enters uncertain times and people’s financial futures are uncertain, I want to hear more directly from our readers.

We’re getting ready to launch a new personal finance column and want to know what questions you have. Money – earning it, spending it, sharing it, borrowing it, investing it – is complicated. From how it affects our lives, emotions and relationships to the many ethical questions it raises. There are times when we could use advice, or at least a third-party perspective. I hope this column will be a safe place to ask for both practical advice on how to handle financial problems, big and small, as well as an outlet for dealing with difficult feelings about money and class. There are times when we could use advice, or at least a third-party perspective. As I am a journalist and not a financial adviser, I will ask experts to get their point of view on your problems.

If you have any questions about money, please send them to us using this form (we take your privacy seriously and will not share your personal survey information without your permission). We may use your question or contact you for a future story.

Also, if you’re an avid reader of personal finance columns and have strong opinions about what you like and wish personal finance coverage looked like, I’d love to hear from you. email directly to venessa.wong@buzzfeed. com to share your impressions. Reader comments sincerely mean a lot to me, so I want to know what you think. ‚óŹ

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